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Accredited USA, UK and Australia newspaper articles call for prison reform because incarceration is a failed and costly crime Deterrent

Articles and Reports - Prisons do not Deter crime

USA and United Kingdom

Prisons are not the answer to preventing crime in the U.S. - The Conversation - October 27, 2019 xxx

Prosecutors Need to Take the Lead in Reforming Prisons - The Atlantic - 27 Aug 2019

Released to Kill Again: An Analysis of Paroled Murderers Who Murder Again While on Parole Sept 2016

If Canada is serious about confronting systemic racism, we must abolish prisons -  The Conversation - July 7, 2020

Federal prison reform has bipartisan support. But it’s moving slowly  - The Washington Post -  9 Jan 2020

Prisons do damage.  Is the British government finally waking up to this?  - The UK Guardian  -  6 Apr 2019

A Prison Reform Opening - Congress can follow the Texas example on criminal justice  -  The Wall Street Journal  -  Nov.16, 2018

Reform the Prisons Without Going Soft on Crime -  The Wall Street Journal  -  Aug 15, 2018

The government’s proposals for prison reform mark a break from the past – but we must go further - The UK Guardian  - 22 May 2016

Americans Are Sick Of The 'Tough On Crime' Era - The Huffington Post -  13 Feb 2016

Tough on the causes of crime’ means putting fewer people in jail  - The Independent, UK - 23 Dec 2016

The Case For Prison Reform, Again -  The New York Times18 Feb 2010






Australia’s prison system isn’t working. It needs urgent attentionJane Fynes-Clinton -

"The need for recalibrating the criminal justice system has never been greater.  By almost every measure, Australia’s corrections systems are failing to serve the purpose they were designed for: to correct, rehabilitate and deter others.Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that by March, the population in Australian prisons had reached 40,577, up 10 per cent on the year before.

The state of imprisonment in Australia: it’s time to take stock - Marie Segrave   Senior Lecturer, Criminology, Monash Uni -

What are prisons for? Answering that is the starting point for reform  -  June 15, 2015

State of imprisonment: if locking ‘em up is the goal, NT’s a success - 20 April 2015

State of imprisonment: can ACT achieve a ‘human rights’ prison?  - 17 April 2015

State of imprisonment: lopsided incarceration rates blight West - 16 April 2015

State of imprisonment: out one day, back the next in Queensland  - 15 April 2015

State of imprisonment: South Australia’s prisoner numbers soar, with just 10% of budget for rehab  - 15 April 2015

The state of imprisonment in Australia: it’s time to take stock - 13 April 2015

State of imprisonment: Victoria is leading the nation backwards - 13 April 2015

Prisons policy is turning Australia into the second nation of captives - 10 April 2015

Does Imprisonment Deter?  A Review of the Evidence - Sentencing Advisory Council - April 2011

Time for prison reform across Australian states  - ABC - The World Today  -  26 Feb 2007