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COVID-19 has penetrated many prisons in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, India, Russia, Britain, Australia 'et al'. 
Lawyers in the U.S. have lodged 'statements of claim' against pertinent state and municipal government prisons seeking damages on behalf of adversely affected inmates for failing to take
adequate remedial actions resulting in patent breaches of inmates' human rights


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Prisons and jails are coronavirus epicenters – they were once designed to prevent disease outbreaks -  April 2020 - Ashley Rubin  - University of Hawaii  COVID-19

"Jails and prisons often lack basic hygiene products, have minimal health care services and are overcrowded. Social distancing is nearly impossible except in solitary confinement, but that poses its own dangers to mental and physical health.

70% of inmates test positive for coronavirus at Lompoc federal prison L A Times - RICHARD WINTON, STAFF WRITER   -  MAY 9, 2020

"More than 14,500 inmates in various prison facilities across the country (USA) have tested positive along with more than 4,000 staff, according to the Marshall Project prison tracker. Forty-five inmates have died in federal prisons, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons."

Freed  From  Prison,  Dead  from  COVID-19,  Not  Even  Counted  - The  Marshall Project

As COVID-19 Measures Grow, Prison Oversight Falls - The  Marshall  Project

         "We now have no idea what’s going on inside."

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USA States Continue to Face Large Shortfalls Due to COVID-19 Effects - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Isolating prisoners to stop coronavirus spread violates human rights: ombudsman - Colin Perkel The Canadian Press  - April 24, 2020  "360 positive tests in Canadian prisons with 2 deaths as at 10 July 2020"

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"But in prisons, lockdown meant an end to an already heavily restrictive way of life. There were no visits allowed, education programmes were paused and prisoners were confined to their cells for more than 23 hours a day, something close to solitary confinement.

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