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Thinking Outside the Cell


Tangible Benefits



Material Public Purse Prisoner Costs notes:

A.      Australia spends an estimated $16 billion a year on our Criminal Justice System (police services, courts and correctional services/prisons).

B.      There are now 36,000 inmates in Australia's prisons, up 39 per cent from a decade ago - the prison system costs the Australian taxpayer $4 billion annually.

C.      Australia's $4 billion annual prison system has created a "class of persistent criminals" due to a high Recidivism/re-offending rates.







A return to a swiftly imposed frightening and painful Deterrent of Capital Punishment in Australia by executing two or three criminals annually found guilty of a Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder/s, after An Infliction Of Corporal Punishment (a week beforehand) that were found guilty Beyond any doubt of guilt would evidence -

a)        fewer innocent victims murdered each year - currently 250 Australians annually;

b)        fewer inmates saturating Australia's Maximum Security Prisons to free-up prison space and prison warders/psychologists/case workers to Rehabilitate lesser offenders;

c)        financial impost upon the Public Purse materially reduced due to lower:

           1)       Administrative Costs to maintain prisons; and

           2)       Capital Expenditure Costs to build, refurbish and extend prisons

d)       Justice for the Innocent Victim or Victims and Community Protect; and

e)       an end to a tormented life with no QOL due understandably to manic depression - most Lifers deemed never to be released are dying a thousand deaths; experiencing a manic depressive QOL


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