Defined Terms

Brand Name or Brand means important components of culture which usually influence consumers purchasing habits.  Brand Name is generally valued on the balance sheet under 'Intangible Assets' or 'Goodwill'. 

CEOs of major companies are inter alia keen to display Corporate Social Responsibility, in particular specifically assisting the Disadvantaged, because it enhances the perception of consumers towards their Brand Name and associated products and/or services.

Four examples of large companies spending big to enhance Brand Name:


1.       ANZ Bank committed $31.5m @ $7.5m p.a. in Dec 2007 for naming rights of ANZ Stadium (nee Telstra stadium).   ANZ Bank, staff and affiliates’ donated $1.9 million to Asia Tsunami Disaster Appeals in Jan 2005

2.       In an example of a major U.S. consumer goods company using social media to market itself via a sustainability message, Pepsi Corporation’s Refresh Project  video garnered more than 465,000 viewings on U-Tube in the initial weeks of Refresh Project's launch.  The video, which implores consumers to apply for grants for projects related to energy efficiency, the environment and other areas, is part of Pepsi’s refocused marketing campaign.  In early 2010, Pepsi decided to forego expensive Super Bowl advertising in favour of pushing a message about sustainability via the Web.  In all, Pepsi will inject $20 million into its Refresh Project, with up to $1.3m granted to community projects each month.

3.       National Australia Banks 'Schools First' Awards Program recognises and rewards outstanding school-community partnerships which are having a positive impact on students beyond the classroom.  Launched in 2008, the program recognises that the education of young people rests on the shoulders of the entire community and helps bring together students, teachers, parents, businesses and community organisations to help young people realise their potential.

Over the three years NAB Schools First has been running, the program has awarded 310 school-community partnerships with $15 million to support and sustain their effective school-community partnership Any school in Australia can apply for a NAB Schools First Award. To date, over 26% of Australian schools have submitted applications for a NAB Schools First Award.

NAB Schools First is an inclusive awards program providing opportunities to schools in metropolitan, regional and remote areas across the public, catholic and independent sectors.  Award funding is available to schools who are in partnership with a community organisation or business to deliver programs based on an identified student need.  NAB Schools First is a partnership between NAB, the Foundation for Young Australians and the Australian Council for Educational Research.

There are three main award categories:

1.    Impact Awards – for school-community partnerships that are having a demonstrated impact on the students involved

2.    Seed Funding Awards – for school-community partnerships in their early stages

3.    Student Awards – for student-led ideas around school-community partnerships

4.      News Limited conducted a 'Project Local' by giving away financial grants to support ideas that would help improve local communities.  In each grant cycle, up to $50,000 worth of grants may be awarded, broken down into 20 grants of up to $2,500 each.  Every grant cycle is made up of an application period, where local residents are able to submit their idea to assist the local community, and a voting period, where readers across Sydney and the Central Coast get to vote for the idea they want to see brought to life in their community.