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Material cost savings from re-implementing the 'Two Pronged' change to Punishment and Rehabilitation could be partially diverted to the below two dedicated 'caseworker' administered programmes -

A.     to keep Aboriginal children and youths out of prison, and not succumb to youth suicide, through -

         i)    facilitating 'education attendance' and training in I.T. , social media and managing money;

         ii)    securing housing on exit from Detention, supported by -

                *      counsellors employed by Youth Justice Services; and

                *      volunteer mentors that have obtained a Working with Children Clearance from the pertinent state or territory Office of the Children's Guardian; and

        iii)   providing -

                *      dedicated sporting and employment programs administered by Supportive ASX 200 Companies that display Corporate Social Responsibility and thereby enhance Brand Name; and

                *      other programs that address offending behaviour

B.   for each State Govt. to oversee, co-ordinate and Certify the Plethora Of Existing Support Groups and Governments and Councils Assisting Single Parents experiencing domestic violence, including better promoting the 'front line - 1st port of call'' State agency for distressed single mothers to discretely approach in order to -

a)     further reduce annual Femicide And Filicide death rates;

b)     improve the QOL and decrease anxiety for single mothers and their children;  

c)     facilitate more single mothers re-entering the work force; and

d)     increase Newstart for single mothers (with a child over 5 years old)

         *       FROM:  64.9% ($300.55 p/w) of the maximum Old Age Pension when incl 2 supplements of $463.10 p/w

           *       TO:        85% ($393.64 p/w) of the maximum Old Age Pension - an increase of $93.09 p/w