Defined Terms


Punishment usually means imposing a Sentence that inflicts some kind of pain or loss upon the offender, usually loss of liberty and/or financial loss.


Punishment must be "....predictable, applied at maximum intensity to be effective and dispensed swiftly...."

Below are extracts from Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems is testimony that the more recent Warehouse Sentencing in some western countries, driven by Penal Populism, has failed wretchedly:

"An estimated 109 billion Homo sapiens have entered terra firma initially congregating in East Africa approx. 125,000 years ago, albeit life expectancy and average life duration were not high relative to modern times.

65,000 years ago or thereabouts Homo sapiens started to migrate from East Africa to populate the planet. 

Over 97% of those 109b have lived under Retribution by Capital Punishment and Corporal Punishment.  The majority of the current 7.6b human population today live under Capital and Corporal punishment edicts.  Rulers in countries such as China, India, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Arab States, Malaysia, Singapore ‘et al’ opine that for some egregious crimes jail incarceration is costly and an ineffective Deterrent to further behavioural transgressions.  Those countries seek to expend their Public Purse more so on health and educating citizens that are or will become productive taxpayers.  

          "Amnesty International recorded a stark 54% increase in the number of executions carried out globally in 2015. At least 1,634 people were executed, 573 more than in 2014.4  These numbers do not include China

 Afghanistan (1), Bangladesh (4), Chad (10), China (+), Egypt (22+), India (1), Indonesia (14), Iran (977+), Iraq (26+), Japan (3), Jordan (2), Malaysia (+), North Korea (+), Oman (2), Pakistan (326), Saudi Arabia (158+), Singapore (4), Somalia (25+: Federal Government of Somalia 17+; Somaliland 6+; Jubaland 2+), South Sudan (5+), Sudan (3), Taiwan (6), UAE (1), USA (28), Viet Nam (+) and Yemen (8+)."


Islam practices Sharia law where punishment is often carried out on a Friday, either executions or floggings.  The deterrent effect upon those required to witness the application of punishment is cogent. 

Early Capital Punishment practices globally evidence horrific Punishments that rulers of the era Sentenced to Deter similar transgressions from the masses by painful, frightening and often drawn out executions in the public square.

Judicial Corporal Punishment previously sentenced in Australia records some dreadfully harsh punishments inflicted even 200 years ago.

Incarceration as a Punishment has only been sentenced by some Western Countries, during the last scintilla of the 65,000 years circa that Homo sapiens advanced beyond East Africa.

Building jails to house criminal offenders for more than a holding facility, until court hearings and corporal and capital punishment was sentenced, has only occurred in the last 300 years and only in some countries.

Countries that have diverted from that inherent Homo sapiens Capital Punishment philosophy of 'Eye for and eye' have done so only in the last scintilla of humans (Homo erectus, Neanderthal and Homo sapiens) 2.3m years existence on terra firma.

Great Britain, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia is each experiencing the Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems which are a testament that relying on jail incarceration as the sole form of Punishment and Deterrent has failed in those countries." 

Prisons and Punishment  -  ABC News