Defined Terms

RTV evidence of Crooks Being Caught is a cogent cost-effective method to Deter crime, particularly at the smaller end of the Naughtiness Spectrum

The Australian Border Force and the Immigration Department entered into an agreement several years ago with Channel 7 to provide RTV footage effectively of illegal immigrants being caught in the act of seeking illegal entry into Australia for a 30 min TV programme, Border Security - Australia's Front Line.  The programme is not merely cheap RTV entertainment.  It delivers the salient message that the Australian Border Force contains a lot of capable employees, equipped with tailored I.T. software to ensure that only qualified migrants and sanctioned visitors enter our borders.

Channel 9's RBT - Random Breath Testing - (60 mins) weekly programme has been shown since 2010.  It follows police breath-testing patrols in NSW and South Australia testing for alcohol and drug-affected and reckless drivers.

Crime Investigation Australia is an Australian true-crime series that first premiered on Foxtel's Crime & Investigation Network in August 2005.  The series was also rebroadcast on the Nine Network, and made its debut there on 14 August 2007.  The host of the series was Steve Liebmann The series included interviews from victims, families, investigators, lawyers, and journalists. The crimes were further reviewed using original media and police audio and video footage alongside re-enactments and interviews shot in the same locations where the crimes took place.  A purpose of the programmes has been to possibly shed light that facilitated solving unsolved murders.  The series is on Channel 7 from Sept 2020.

Channel 9's midweek programme, hosted by Tracy Grimshaw, A Current Affair, regularly exposes corrupt, dishonest or unscrupulous behaviour that often damages the 'brand name' and reputation of the exposed.  And thereby alerts others that being caught might be more probable, collectively a valuable RTV Deterrent.

Greater use of cheap as chips RTV would further publicise the harsh consequences of some criminal activity at the lower end of the severity scale.  RTV of motor vehicle drivers speeding and not wearing a seat belt would further reduce the annual road death toll which is infinitely lower per 100,000 drivers than across Australia in the '60s and early '70s - pre breathalysers and speed cameras.