Defined Terms

Other Reasons to re-introduce Capital Punishment in Australia

Scope now exists to Sentence an accused person/s as Guilty beyond any doubt, as opposed to Guilty beyond reasonable doubt due to -

(a)    Forensic Evidence; and/or

(b)    CCTV And Photo Evidence; and or

(c)    multiple witness testimonies.

Higher 'life expectancy' increases the cost of incarceration on the public purse for Life Sentences, than when advocates against Capital Punishment presented their arguments circa 1950s.

Govt is obligated to ensure that the 'benefits' exceeds the 'costs', prior to expending material amounts of the Public Purse.

Denunciation – formal public expression that the behaviour is unacceptable to the community.

Community Protection – protecting the community from the offender and from crime generally.

Justice for the Innocent Victim/s.

Life sentence inmates enjoy a very low QOL.

Illicit drug taking has reduced the rationale and judgement of a material number of inmates, whereby a return to earlier more painful and frightening deterrents for such mentally affect accused is required.

Empirical Evidence Quantifies Charged Persons On Remand Plead Guilty To Avoid Being Sentenced To Death