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TV News CCTV Crime Clips on YouTube - in the last 18 months

CCTV evidence of the welter of armed hold-ups annually and the Sentence of a slap on the wrist, if apprehended, highlights the need for a more frightening and cost-effective Deterrent

The 6pm News Services on the Commercial TV Channels regularly show short segments of armed robberies, often by gangs of teenage youths stealing mobile phone shops, or robbing convenience stores and petrol stations et al.  Invariably the guilty are let off with a caution only to resume further robberies.  A frightening flogging would be infinitely less costly and a greater Deterrent to desist:


Teenage Crime Spree | A Current Affair Australia:

  • "We are starting to see the epidemic of teenager crime being out of control" (Police Officer). 

  • "We are doing our part. It is about time the courts and other government departments did theirs." (Police Officer).

Tackling Youth Crime | A Current Affair

  • "We are arresting more people now, than ever before.  Statistics show us that." (Police Officer)

  • "I think right now we are looking for any answer that could possibly be out there." (George Christensen, MP)

Channel 9 - A Current Affair

Northside: teenage gang members, their families and the vigilantes out to shame them  SBS Viceland - The Feed

Police investigate retail store robberies across Sydney by young gangs | 7NEWS

QLD police describe 'unprecedented' youth crime wave | Nine News Australia   *  "Unprecedented and out of control...." (Police Officer)

Sydney servo robbed by men with Samurai swords | Nine News Australia

Teenager charged over gunpoint cigarette robbery at servo | Adelaide | 7NEWS

Armed offender robs Manoora service station | 7NEWS

Earlville a trouble area for crime | 7NEWS

Police arrest five juveniles over Townsville robberies | 7NEWS

Police on hunt for three armed robbers in Blacktown | 7NEWS

Melbourne gun murders spark fears of gangland war | Nine News Australia

Dramatic arrest of 'drunk' truckie | Nine News Australia

Public safety at risk and crime rates spike | Nine News Australia

Burglar gets trapped in bottle shop after one too many | Nine News Australia

Thieves steal over $120, 000 in cash and cigarettes | Nine News Australia

$300k in jewellery stolen in Sydney heist | Nine News Australia

Melbourne woman's brave message after an Uber driver ordeal | 7NEWS

Blacks Stab Attack Mitcham Man (Mobile Phone Theft)

Four men arrested over the rebirthing of $2.5M cars in Sydney | 7NEWS

Car thieves return to crime scene to steal more cars | A Current Affair Australia

Mayhem caught on Dashcam | A Current Affair Australia

Serial Scammers Busted! | A Current Affair

How young is too young for criminal responsibility? | A Current Affair

Two armed robbers on run after holding up Maryborough Hotel | 7NEWS

Robbery at the Priceline Pharmacy in North Parramatta | 7NEWS

Teenager charged over gunpoint cigarette robbery at servo | Adelaide | 7NEWS

Lidcombe robbery at knifepoint | 7NEWS

Terrifying moment captured of St Andrews armed robbery | 7NEWS

Sydney servo robbed by men with Samurai swords | Nine News Australia

There are lots of these clips of criminal activity in Australia on YouTube invariable published by the TV News Channels.  The above are 'a mere pimple on the backside of a very large elephant'.