Defined Terms

Non-Murderous Crimes or Nature Of The Crime or Criminal Activities means all criminal activities that do not fall within Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder/s.

Crimes that the maximum Custodial Sentence of imprisonment could be halved by re-introducing Swift, Frightening and a Painful Dose of Corporal Punishment by adopting the age 'Parent Punishing a Child in the Home' Philosophy that over 97% of the 108 billion Homo sapiens circa lived under, would range from Level 6 up to a Level 2 criminal offences listed below.

Politically correct left civil libertarians that cannot countenance Corporal Punishment for adults should watch CCTV footage of hundreds of crimes each year, in particular Recent TV News Crime Clips on YouTube, that would be significantly discouraged through the re-introduction of Corporal Punishment, thereby avoiding "warehousing the problem" that has resulted in the Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems.

Below is an extract of webpage MAXIMUM PENALTIES in the Sentencing Advisory Council for the Victorian Govt website:


The legislation that defines an offence sets the maximum penalty that courts can impose on anyone convicted of that offence.

Maximum penalties are reserved for the worst, most serious examples of an offence. For a single offence, judges and magistrates may not impose a heavier sentence than the maximum penalty for that offence.

Penalty Scale

The maximum penalty reflects parliament’s view on the seriousness of the offence. Maximum penalties for many offences, including all offences in the Crimes Act 1958, are set according to a penalty scale, as outlined in the Sentencing Act 1991.

The penalty scale for imprisonment has nine levels, ranging from Level 9 (which equates to six months’ imprisonment) to Level 1 (life imprisonment). The Victorian penalty scale also includes a maximum fine that can be imposed with each level of imprisonment (except for Level 1 life imprisonment).

Here are some examples of offences ranked according to the penalty scale. 


Maximum term

Sample offences

Level 1

Life imprisonment

Trafficking in a drug of dependence (large commercial quantity)

Level 2

25 years

Sexual penetration of a child under 12 years
Armed robbery
Aggravated burglary
Arson causing death

Level 3

20 years

Intentionally causing serious injury
Culpable driving causing death

Level 4

15 years

Recklessly causing serious injury
Handling stolen goods
Trafficking in a drug of dependence (not a commercial quantity)

Level 5

10 years

Threats to kill
Indecent assault
Negligently causing serious injury
Knowingly possess child pornography

Level 6

5 years

Recklessly causing injury
Possession of a drug of dependence (for the purpose of trafficking)

Level 7

2 years

Going equipped to steal

Level 8

1 year

Cultivation of a narcotic plant (not for the purpose of trafficking)
Possession of a drug of dependence (not for the purpose of trafficking)

Level 9

6 months

Concealing the birth of a child