1st Poll Vote


Would the below changes to the sentencing of a male convicted of a Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murderer/s and Femicide and Filicide where the level of proof is Beyond Any Doubt of Guilt:

(a)      deter similar criminal behaviour occuring; or

(b)      have no material affect on deterring similar criminal behaviour?

Re-introduction of sentencing both Judicial Corporal Punishment and Judicial Capital Punishment

An male adult convicted of a vicious, premeditated murder of another human/s, where the highest level of proof is established, namely Beyond any doubt of guilt, as opposed to Beyond reasonable doubt of guilt, -

*        is not sentenced to a Life Sentence costing the Public Purse $150,000 pa in Administrative Costs and a $25,000 pa Capital Expenditure Cost; but

*        is sentenced to be flogged with -

         (a)      3 lashes of the Cat 'O Nine Tails liberally struck upon the bare back above the kidneys; and

         (b)      3 canings of an Australian Rattan liberally struck upon the bare buttocks below the kidneys.

Such Corporal Punishment be administered a week apart (6 lashes in toto), and seven days later hung by the neck until dead with approx. 20 witnesses drawn from the community, who are then able to comment to the media regarding the impact upon them of witnessing the final 6 lashes inflicted and the convicted murderer immediate hung by the neck until dead.