Section C.     44 of the thoroughly heinous 76 murderers (reviewed in Section B) Sentenced to Life Without Parole.

                              The 76 who killed 200 innocent people have cost, are costing and will cost, the Public Purse a smidgeon over half a billion Australian dollars by the time they all die in jail.  Those 76, whose Maximum Security Incarceration will cost the Public Purse over half a billion dollars, murdered a mere 2½% of the 7,699 reported murders over the 27 years to June 2016 -  too many were children   
Economic necessity, the need to instil a patent Deterrent, and now COVID-19, impels our politicians
to pass legislation to enable our criminal court judges to re-introduce the Sentence of Capital Punishment for evil,
heinous murderers that are presently Sentenced to Life Without Parole

1st Murder – Victim: Anita Cobby – 5 convicted killers sentenced to die in jail

6th Murderer:  James Gargasoulas Killed six pedestrians in a ‘vehicle ramming attack’ in Bourke Street, Melbourne in Jan 2017

8th Murderer:  Man Haron Monis - Killed one person in the Lindt Café siege

9th Murderer:  Adrian Ernest Bayley - Victim: Jill Meagher

10th Murderer:  Codey Herrmann – Victim: Aiia Maasarwe

11th Murderer: Jaymes Todd – Victim: Eurydice Dixon

12th Murderer:  Dante Arthurs Victim: Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu 

13th Murderer: James Beauregard-Smith – Victims: Sandra Holland and her two young sons

17th and 18th Murderers: Leslie Camilleri and Lindsay Beckett - Victims: Two Bega school girls, Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins

19th Murderer: Peter Dupas - Victims: Margaret Maher, Nicole Patterson and Mersina Halvagis – suspected of three other murders: Helen McMahon, Renita Brunton and Kathleen Downes

20th Murderer: Paul Haigh - Victims: Evelyn Adams, Bruno Cingolani, Wayne Keith Smith, Sheryle Gardner, Danny Mitchell, Lisa Brearley and Donald George Hatherley a fellow inmate

22nd Murderer: Ashley Mervyn Coulston - Victims: Kerryn Henstridge, Anne Smerdon and Peter Dempsey

23rd Murderer:  Andrew Peter Garforth – Victim: school girl, Ebony Simpson

24th Murderer:  Martin Bryant – Victims: 35 shot dead

25th Murderer:  Julian Knight – Victims:  Seven residents of Hoddle St shot dead, 19 others injured

27th Murderer, John Justin Bunting - 28th Murderer, Robert Joe Wagner - 29th Murderer, James Spyridon Vlassakis  – Victims: The eleven ‘bodies in the barrels’ Snowtown murders, South Australia

30th Murderer, David John Birnie and 31st Murderer, Catherine Margaret Birnie  – Victims: Mary Neilson (22), Susannah Candy (15), Noelene Patterson (31), Denise Brown (21)

32nd Murderer, Ivan Milat – Victims: Deborah Everist (19) and James Gibson (19), Simone Schmidl (21), Anja Habschied (20) and Gabor Neugebauer (20), Joanne Walters (22) and Caroline Clarke (21)

36th Murderer, Richard William Leonard – Victims: Stephen Dempsey and taxi driver, Ezzedine Bahmad

38th Murderer, Katherine Knight – Victim:  then husband, John Price

41st Murderer, Roger Dean – Victims: Dorothy Wu, 85 / Alma Smith, 73 / Reginald Green, 87 / Lola Bennett, 86 / Ella Wood, 97 / Urbana Alipio, 79 / Caesar Galea, 82 / Doris Becke, 96 / Verna Webeck, 83 / Dorothy Sterling, 80 / Neeltje Valkay, 90

43rd Murderer, Anthony Robert Harvey – Victims: two-year-old twins, Alice and Beatrix, three-year-old Charlotte and their mother Mara Lee Harvey

44th Murderer: Stephen Jamieson, 45th Murderer: Matthew James Elliot and 46th Murderer: Bronson Matthew Blessington - Victim: Janine Balding, 20

47th Murderer – Paul Charles Denyer - Victims: Elizabeth Stevens, 18, Debbie Fream, 22, and Natalie Russell, 17

48th Murderer – Keith Owen Goodbun - Victim: Molly Goodbun

49th Murderer –  Rick Thorburn  - Victim: Tiahleigh Palmer, 12

50th Murderer –  Barry Hadlow  - Victim: Sandra Dorothy Bacon, 5 and Stacey Anne Tracy, 9

51st Murderer: Barry John Watts and 52nd Murderer: Valmae Faye Beck  -  Victim: Sian Kingi, 12

58th Murderer: Bandali Debs and 59th Murderer: Jason Joseph Roberts  -  Victims:  Senior Constable Rod Miller, Sergeant Gary Silk, Kristy Mary Harty and Donna Anne Hicks

61st Murderer: Robert Arthur Selby Lowe  -  Victim:  Sheree Beasley, 6

62nd Murderer: Stanley Brian Taylor -  Victim: Police woman, 21 years old, Angela Taylor.  63rd Murderer: Craig William Minogue -  Victims: Police woman, 21 years old, Angela Taylor, and inmate, Alex Tskamakis

64th Murderer: Mark Errin Rust -  Victims: Ms. Maya Jakic, 30 and Ms. Megumi Suzuki, 18

65th Murderer: Allen Douglas Thompson  -  Victims: Radmila Milosevic, her de facto husband, Mr Tony Baker, and their children Daniel Baker, 4, and Lisa Baker, 2, Mirjana Milosevic, Ljiljana Milosevic,

68th Murderer: Bradley Robert Edwards  -  Victims: Jane Rimmer 23, Ciara Glennon 27 and Sara Spears 18

70th Murderer: Brett Peter Cowan  -  Victim: Daniel Morcombe

72nd Murderer: Vincent Stanford Victim: Stephanie Scott, 26

73rd Murderer: John Ernest Cribb -  Victims: Valda Connell, 39, and her children Sally, 10 and Damien 4

75th Murderer: Matthew Milat and 76th Murderer: Cohen Klein -  Victim: David Auchterlonie, 17