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Two recommended changes to Sentencing under criminal law within State and Territory jurisdictions in Australia to -

a)     materially reduce the burgeoning annual expenditure on the Justice Sector - $18.431b in 2018-19, in particular the $4.416 billion expended on Corrective Services in 2017-18 - a real increase of 35% from five years earlier in 2012-13; and

b)     instil a patent Deterrent to discourage potential law breakers.
A 'Two Pronged' change to Punishment and Rehabilitation of criminal offenders.

Sentenced  Punishments need to actually Deter (frighten-off) criminal behaviour, as it did through out Homo sapiens 125,000 years' occupancy of terra firma before Society jumped ahead along Homo sapiens 'punishment/development curve' ostensibly due to the recent scourge of illicit drug use and associated increased mental illness, not limited to homicides, rapes, Domestic Violence and Street Gang Theft too often associated with the hubris of group participation.

1st Prong

A)     A return to a Swift, Frightening and a Painful Dose of Corporal Punishment in line with those Sentenced in the final 30 years of Judicial Corporal Punishment for Adults in Australia until the mid-1940s for Non-Murderous Crimes for Suitable Male Criminals to replace approx half of current Jail Sentences because 'inter alia' Western society has jumped ahead along the punishment/deterrent curve ostensibly due to the illicit drug scourge;

  B)     Then Rehabilitation adopting Practices in Scandinavia and Texas to Improve Outcomes Due to Economic Necessity:  

            *     Restorative Justice Model Successfully Adopted in Scandinavia since the late 20th Century; and

            *     Texas Justice Reinvestment, in particular Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses with Specialist Drug & Alcohol Treatment

C)     Incorporating Education and Vocational Training to instil self-belief and optimism due to the opportunity of a paid job for most "longer-Sentence inmates"; and

D)    To expedite 'custodial release' of traditional "longer term inmates" (utilising an Electronic Monitoring Device) into an employed job for a minimum of three months offered by Supportive ASX 200 Companies, with such inmates securing stable accommodation prior to release.

2nd Prong

The below Sentence to be carried out each year to One, Two or perhaps Three of the Most Monstrous Convicted Murderers, Terrorists, Serial Rapists, Paedophiles and Child Killers found guilty Beyond any doubt of the Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder (classified as a Level 1 'criminal offence') after an Infliction of Corporal Punishment a week prior to Execution:

(a)      3 lashes of the Cat 'O Nine Tails liberally struck upon the bare back above the kidneys; and

(b)      3 canings of an Australian Rattan liberally struck upon the bare buttocks below the kidneys.

Seven days after such Corporal Punishment is inflicted, the Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murderer (male adult) is hung by the neck until dead with approx. 20 witnesses drawn from the community, who are then able to comment to the media regarding the impact upon them of witnessing the 6 lashes/canings inflicted and the subsequent execution by hanging.

Implementing 1. and 2. above will inter alia materially reduce the Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within the Australian Prison System because Sentenced  Punishments need to manifestly Deter criminal behaviour, as it did through out Homo sapiens 125,000 years' occupancy of terra firma before Society jumped ahead along Homo sapiens 'punishment/development curve' due to the recent scourge of illicit drug use and associated increased mental illness, not limited to murders, rapes, Domestic Violence and Street Gang Theft; the latter too often associated with the hubris of group participation.

Re 2. above, let us consider a few numbers to try and comprehend the cost-ineffectiveness of committing evil, heinous murderers to three meals a day, and a warm bed in a tiny steel cage until they die - several are explained in Rationale for seeking the Death Penalty to be Sentenced to an average of two heinous, callous murderers annually:

Section B separately profiles each of 76 heinous murderers Sentenced to Life without parole who killed 200 innocent people, several being children. Maximum Security Incarceration for those heinous murderers have cost, are costing and will cost, the Public Purse a smidgeon over half a billion Australian dollars by the time all 76 are dead.  For those that struggle with large numbers, half a billion is 500 million.  That is a lot of millions, in fact, $500,000,000 to provide inter alia a warm bed, and three meals a day, when those vicious, callous murderers didn't afford that luxury to their victim/s.

Those 76 heinous murderers (profiled in Section B)  murdered a mere 2˝% of the 7,699 reported murders over the 27 years to June 2016 -  too many were children.  Hopefully, the magnitude of the cost of incarcerating the 2,088 inmates serving a Sentence of '20 years and over' or 'Other' or a 'Life Sentence' is becoming apparent.  The maximum penalty for murder should have included the Sentencing of hanging by the neck until dead for many of those murders effectively sentenced to Life without parole during the last 35 years.

Below are extracts from Believers that the Death Penalty is inhumane and cruel that establish the fallacy that execution is cruel and inhuman:

“Before I went to jail I was opposed to the death penalty, not because it’s too cruel, but it’s too kind,” he said. “When I went to jail that view was reinforced because when you’re never to be released, that’s taking away the only thing you ever had and that’s hope.

“If you don’t have hope, you don’t have anything. Death is a much better option for them because it’s over and it’s finished.”

Below are extracts from Fighting to End the Other Death Sentence: Life Without Parole - by  

 In an August 26 interview with MSNBC, formerly incarcerated activist, Darren Mack, described LWOP as “death by incarceration,” explaining, “You will not leave prison until you die".

”Noted political scientist and author, Marie Gottschalk, has called life without parole “death in slow motion.

Pope Francis deemed ita death penalty in disguise.”

Kenneth Hartman, who served more than 37 years in prison before California governor, Jerry Brown, commuted his sentence, was the first to label itthe other death penalty.”  When he was still behind bars, Hartman wrote for The Marshall Project that life without parole is “the sense of being dead while you’re still alive, the feeling of being dumped into a deep well struggling to tread water until, some 40 or 50 years later, you drown.

Ipso facto, 'economic necessity', the need to instil a patent Deterrent, and now ensure 'social distancing' due to COVID-19, impels our politicians to re-introduce the Sentence of Capital Punishment for evil, heinous murderers, likely as low as none, one, two, three or four executions annually, because of the patent Deterrent effect on future prospective murders of the prospect of hanging by the neck until dead, after being flogged a week beforehand.

Anyone who reads a dozen or more of the 76 profiles in Section B would likely struggle to understand the rationale of our law makers providing three meals a day and a warm bed for life for people who unprovoked willingly took the life of another, or others, more often cold-heartedly and callously, when the cost of Maximum Security Incarceration is -

a).       $175,000 per inmate per annum; and

b).       $7,000,559 cost per inmate serving a Sentence of Life Without Parole - averaged across 76 Heinous Murderers that date back 35 years  - reviewed in Section B.