2nd Prong

Capital Punishment by hanging by the neck after An Infliction Of Corporal Punishment a week beforehand, for One, Two or perhaps Three (on average) of the Most Heinous Of Murderous Convicted Criminals found guilty Beyond any doubt of committing a Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder/s -

(a)     to placate any psychologists/psychiatrists/case workers that opine that some psychopathic murderers might viciously murder in order to be executed; and

(b)     because -

          *      "at least 170 Australian women, men and children lost their lives to domestic violence in 2017, that included 48 adult women and 17 children";

          *      such sadistic, brutal, premeditated Murders should once again be discouraged with a Punishment that resonates a strong Deterrent;

          *      the Quality of Life for an inmate serving a Life Sentence marked Never To Be Released may be negative due to manic depression and at best be very low as identified in Documented Medical Reports/Journals/Articles  -  so what human life is the State taking?; and

          *      $175,000 pa per maximum security prisoner [$150,000 pa Admin Costs + $25,000 pa Capital Exp.] cannot be justified To Keep Despondent Inmates Permanently In A Manic Depressant State when 'health' and 'education' budgets funded by taxpayers are a higher priority.


The Australian Govt. should legislate that each inmate convicted of a Sadistic, Brutal, Heinous, Unprovoked Murder/s that is identified as Never To Be Released should be required to complete a statutory declaration every two years that s/he declines an offer to be euthanized by lethal injection.  Such inmates should also have the right to request euthanasia at any time in between the formal approach each two years.


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