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Thinking Outside the Cell




Below is an extract from Chapter 3 'The economic and social costs of imprisonment' - part of an Australian Parliamentary Report dated 2013:

"Governments need to address the long term economic and social costs of imprisonment to prevent further development of intergenerational offending, and occurrences of recidivism."

Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within Australian Prison System evidences that lengthy incarceration as a Punishment to "serve your time"' is not cost-effective expenditure of the Public Purse.

Economic Necessity Dictates that the Australian Parliament and State and Territory parliaments should direct their respective Criminal Justice System, in particular Judicial and Corrective Services, to the below 'Two Solutions' précised in What.

1st Prong

Shifting through the Four Gears of Early Rehabilitation and Release for Suitable Male Criminals for most Criminal Activities to remedy the Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within Australian Prison System through a return to a Swift, Frightening and a Painful Dose of Corporal Punishment for Non-Murderous Crimes and for Suitable Male Criminals because 'inter alia'  Western society has jumped ahead along the punishment/deterrent curve due to the illicit drug scourge.

Rehabilitation of prison inmates, for all but Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murderers, should adopt features of the -
*         Restorative Justice Model Successfully Adopted in Scandinavia since the late 20th Century; and
*        Texas Justice Reinvestment
in particular Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses.


Below are extracts from a recent ABC News article "Voula Delios: Prison advocates warn of repeat killings unless mental health addressed in jail" about a mentally ill prisoner, Daryl Cook, who was released from Risdon Prison in 2016.  The following day he stabbed to death an elderly woman working in her grocer store:

"Where is the duty of care to the community to ensure that people exiting prison have the support they need?"

 “Until the community understands you get tragedies if you do not treat people well within the prison system, when they're released we are going to continue to see tragic events.

How Much explains the forecast percentage reduction in Corrective Services annual Administrative Costs due to replacing approx. half of future jail incarceration Sentences (described in Number Of Punishment Strokes Proposed In The Pilot Stage Of The Re-introduction Of Corporal Punishment in Australia) with a SwiftFrightening and Painful Dose of Corporal Punishment.

2nd Prong

The Australian Parliament comprises democratically elected representatives from across Australia that discuss legislation and make laws for the benefit of the nation, relying upon sections 51 and 122 of the Australian Constitution.  The persons that Australians elect to legislate laws that deal with Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder have abrogated their duty to the Australian people because of inter alia not acting upon the below annual Homicide Rates?

Homicide in Australia 2012–13 to 2013–14: National Homicide Monitoring Program report (Australian Institute of Criminology) reports that over 2012–2014, there were -

*        487 homicide incidents involving 512 murdered victims (328 males and 184 females); and

*        549 murders (483 males and 64 females).  

"The main reason for the abolition of the death penalty is the squeamishness of politicians, who enjoy office but do not like all the duties which power loads on to their (often rather narrow) shoulders.  Far easier to them to leave the matter to some trembling constable with a gun in a dark street, who can be disavowed if it all goes wrong later."  

The above Homicide statistics average 164 Australian males and 92 females murdered each year circa from July 2012 to June 2014.

The number of murdered women and children has reduced marginally since 2014.  However, it remained over 100 deaths each year.


Capital Punishment in two Commonwealth of Nations countries in South-East Asia lists a small number of executions carried out each year.  Corporal Punishment in Malaysia and Singapore evidences very low crime rates, notwithstanding that many Malaysians live a low standard of living and therefore may be more prone to crime.


Each Australian state and Territory needs to re-legislate that Judges should be empowered to Sentence at their discretion to the Most Heinous Of Convicted Criminals of the Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder of another human/s (classified as a Level 1 'criminal offence') Beyond any doubt of guilt, Capital Punishment as proposed in the 2nd Prong of Thinking Outside the Cell  to reduce the Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within Australian Prison System to inter alia enable the vast majority of inmates to be Rehabilitated and released back into employment for a minimum of three months.

Economic Necessity Dictates that Capital Punishment by hanging by the neck after An Infliction Of Corporal Punishment each year for a few of the Most Heinous Of Convicted Criminals found guilty Beyond any doubt of committing a Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murder/s -

(a)     to placate any psychologists/psychiatrists/case workers that opine that some psychopathic murderers might viciously murder in order to be executed;

(b)     to provide Justice for the Innocent Victim/s; and

(c)     to Protect the Community,

because -

*        there will be fewer Molly Goodbun's being murdered by their husband because prison offered bed and b'fast for life may not be the Sentence;

*        sadistic, brutal, premeditated murder should once again be resolutely/overtly discouraged with our Punishments that resonate a powerful Deterrent; and offers Justice for the Innocent Victim or Victims;

*        markedly fewer inmates saturating Australia's Maximum Security Prisons to free-up prison space and prison warders/psychologists/case workers to Rehabilitate, after An Infliction of Corporal Punishment, all but Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murderers;

*        the Quality of Life for an inmate serving a Life Sentence marked Never To Be Released may be negative due to manic depression and at best be very low as identified in documented Reports/Journals/Articles - Lifers deemed never to be released are dying a thousand deaths; experiencing a manic depressive QOL; and

*        $150,000 pa Admin Cost per maximum security prisoner cannot be justified To Keep Despondent Inmates Permanently In A Manic Depressant State until they die from natural causes, when 'health' and 'education' budgets are a higher priority.

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